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Work Ethic

  • We will work tirelessly on your behalf.  Our fee structure motivates us to diligently monitor your portfolio since we share a mutual interest: growing and protecting your portfolio.  This is a distinct advantage over commission brokers and sales representatives who often receive their fees up front.  This also alleviates any concern you may have over excessive trading to generate commissions.
No Sales Charges or Load Funds 

  • ​Our independence from financial and insurance institutions is intended to ensure you are offered the best investments available, not simply those offering sales charges or loads.  This approach gives us the opportunity to avoid any conflicts of interest that can compromise your portfolio's performance.


  • ​You will no longer be in the dark about your portfolio's performance with our comprehensive quarterly reports.  More than monthly statements showing only transactions and month-end values, our quarterly reports include in-depth information on your investment portfolio that is critical to making informed decisions and evaluating your progress toward your financial goals.  

Extensive Research

  • Our research resources are extensive.  In fact, we have access to detailed information on every listed investment security from a variety of sources.  At Flagstone, we have adopted the maxim "listen to everyone, but follow no one." What this means is that we pay close attention to market sentiment and general economic conditions, but we do our own research and draw our own conclusions regarding security selection.  We never blindly follow the recommendations of others.  And rest assured that the securities selected for your portfolio will be compatible with your particular financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

Investments Appropriate for your Portfolio

  • Regarding mutual fund investments, we are sensitive to the adverse effects of excessive management fees and other charges on overall portfolio performance.  At Flagstone, we seek high performing mutual funds with reasonable fees and no loads. Certain investments, such as variable annuities sold by insurance companies, would rarely be considered appropriate because of their high fees.

Tax Consideration

  • Transactions are never executed in your portfolio without first considering the tax implications so as to maximize your after-tax return.  Few brokers or sales representatives have the training or motivation to adequately perform this service for their clients.  


  • Experience.  The Flagstone Team offers its clients over 35 years of professional experience in the investing, financial planning and accounting fields.